Militi Templi Scotia

The Pauperes commilitones Christi templique Salomonici

Templar Order

Czech Tempars coat of arms ®

Priory for Continental Europe


Legitimacy and Legal Status of Militi Templi Scotia

Autonomous Grand Priory of Templar Order or Autonomous Grand Priory of the Amy of Jesus Christ – Militi Templi Scotia has been acknowledged by Scottish King Robert I known also as Robert Bruce, 9th Lord of Annandale, Earl of Carrick who ruled over Scotland in 1306 – 1329 and who granted asylum to Templar. As autonomous, the Grand Priory abides by its own constitution, Grand Prior, Grand Council, symbols and insignia of the Order. Unlike the Order as a whole, the Autonomous Grand Priory is not an independent subject of international law. It has the right to determine its official languages and issue its own laws governing its members and also the Grand Priory. Members of the Order comply with the legal provisions issued by the Grand Priory. Organizational structure of the Autonomous Grand Priory of the Order of the Army of Jesus Christ is military. All functioning of the Autonomous Grand Priory of Scottish Knights Templar comply with this principle. From the power of its hereditary rights, the Order grants noble titles. Rituals and Ceremonies are held according to internal directives.

Knights Templar from the Autonomous Grand Priory of Scotland, as guardians of Christian faith (clergy) and also soldiers of the Army of Jesus Christ, appointed Sacré Coeur Church that was built in 1884 for the Order of Sisters Adores of the Royal Heart of Jesus to be a place of their ceremonies within their operating in the Czech Republic and European Union. In the choice of place, the generalised name of the Order – Templars is fulfilled in deference to tradition. In this country Bohemiae, in the heart of Europe, Knights Templar meet in a Temple (Church) bearing the name of the heart of Christ. Templar Order is registered in CZ as Pauperes commilitones Christi templique Salomonici z.s. .


Ten Rules of Knightly conduct:

  1. Always remember that it is his word what makes a Knight. Your word.  Knightly Cross, mantle and decree do not make you a Knight. These only demonstrate that you are worthy of it. Never give your word carelessly but when you do make everything in your powers to keep it.
  2. Truth, Justice and Law have to dwell in your heart especially. As a Knight, you should never hesitate or delay but raise your sword to protect them. Never deny the right of those who are righteous and thus become righteous yourself.
  3. A good knight has to be addicted with all his body and soul to God and his Land. God, Motherland, King, Order. This is order of values of the Knight. Confess to God, protect Your Motherland, honour your King and respect the Order of which you are a part of.
  4. When a Knight loses honour, there is no redemption for his soul. You can deceive anyone but God and your own conscience. Who betrays his Brothers and the Order he loses his faith too, his life will become empty and he will never find peace again.
  5. Help your neighbour without seeking reward or other benefit and God himself will reward you. Treat your Brother and your friend friendly and do not abandon him in his time of trials. Fight your enemy but honour him and never offend him. Evil and insidious people are not worthy of your anger, beat them with grace by wisdom.
  6. You have travelled a long way before you became a Knight. Now you are a Knight, therefore you are able to distinguish good from evil. The truth is often hidden, when you have only one point of view it is not precise. Inspect each thing from different perspectives and with detachment to reveal facts and prevent undesirable consequences. Never doubt your Brothers and your Order and only speak about them in good. Defend your faith and believes but remember; only a plain beast remains in error.
  7. The task given to you by the superior fulfil without protests or lamentations and always complete it.  Observe the given rules that are the result of efforts of many generations of Knights before you. Observe the course of the ceremonials, seating, clothing, rules concerning insignia and honours, attendance and instructions of senior officers in the Order. Do not haste to know and understand everything immediately. All the answers you need will be provided in the right place and the right time.
  8. Remember that “Speech is silver silence is gold” and never reveal our secrets to anyone. Matters of the Order are not meant for other ears because those ears can belong to enemy. What you see, what you hear and what you participate in the Order belongs to you only and no one else.
  9. Act always at the right moment so that your actions make your neighbour good and not harm him. Do not hesitate to use the moment of surprise in protection and enforcement of good. Remember that attack is always the best defence because it confuses wilful and sinister plans of your enemy.
  10. Evil person comes quickly to an agreement with another evil person. Then an evil more powerful stands against you. You might face it alone and still you are not lonely. All who you helped and all your Brothers stand by you and give you strength in hard times. Defeat or failure accept without crankiness or ire and face the future with open visor and faith that the ill fortune given to you by Lord will turn again.


Non nobis Domine,

non nobis, sed nomini

tuo da gloriam

(Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but unto thy name give glory)


What is the point of Knightly Orders in our times? Many people could say that they have no significance today, that they are only some sort of surviving dinosaurs from the times long ago. I believe that it is not true and that these statements stem from ignorance which is understandable regarding the way the history has been presented at schools for the last hundred years.

Knightly Orders used to have societal perspective. They overviewed all the human activities and this is exactly the kind of institution that the society needs today, because everything is focusing on one sphere – profit at any cost. Morality, law, relationships – the modern society lacks all of that. Knights used to protect good, they were honest, brave and gallant to women. Maybe we need Knights today more than in the past.