Administration of the Templar Order

In 1227 the first Priory Aleman for the Central Europe (Germany, Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia).

The original Priory Aleman changes into Grand Priory during the 13th  century  thanks to the internal growth of the Order. Under the Grand Priory three Priories (national Commanderies) were established in the early 14th century for the German territories:

  • Priory for the North East Europe (Poland, Pomerania and Brandenburg).
  • Priory for Bohemia, Moravia (Silesia) and Austria.
  • Priory for Rheinland.

Since 1227 Knights Templar in the Czech lands had been subjected directly to Aleman Grand Priory, then approximately since 1290 to Priory for Bohemia, Moravia and Austria which had been subordinate to the Aleman Grand Priory.

CommanderIndividual residences were subjected to Priories governed by Prior. Commanderies governed by Commander were established in larger residences.  Baliviats ruled by Bailiers functioned as a link between a Priory and Commandery in some countries. In our lands, however, Bailivats were not established because of the relatively small number of Knights Templar.

Time line of Templar administration in Europe

1227 Aleman Priory for Central Europe
1227 Fr. Gebhard, Preceptor Allemaie (Central Europe)
1251 Fr. Johannes, Magistro summo preceptore milicie Templi per Teutoniam, per Boemiam, per Morauiam et per Poloniam (Knight Jan)
1253 Grand Priory Aleman for Central Europe in Braunschweig
1253 Fr. Wedekind, Magister per Alemanniam et Slauiam (Brother Widekind)
1280 R de Grae`ubius Preceptor domorum milicie Templi per Alemanniam et Slavia
1287 Fridericus de Silvester, velkopreceptor w Niemczech i Sławii
1294 Berthramus dictus de Czweck (preceptor Niemiec, Sławii i Morawii)
1. Superior of Ekko (Bertram of Esbeck)
1301 Friedrich von Alvensleben, the last Prior Alemannien und Slawien
1310 Hugo Gumbach, Grand master of Germany
1294 Priory for Bohemia, Moravia and Austria 
1244 Commander in Moravia at the Court of Austrian Duke Friedrich II der Streitbare
1294 Fr. Ekko, Comendator provincialis per Bohemian, Moraviam et Austriam
1292 Commander of Cejkovice
1297 master militiae Totius Bohemiae et Moraviae
1302 commendator provinzialis per Bohemiam, Moraviam et Austriam
1308 magister ordinis Templi per Boemiam et Moraviam

Commanders of the Czech lands

1231 Petr Berka of Duba and Lippa, Commander, Prague
1244 Fr. Fridrich, Commander, Moravia
1267 Fr. Sulislav, Commander, Prague
1285 Fr. Bertold of Gepzenstein, Commander, Prague, councillor of Wenceslas  II
1290 Fr. Siegfried, Commander, South Moravia
1292 Ekko, Commander of Cejkovice and Uhrineves“In 1294 the Templar Order that came to Bohemia in 1232 is commemorated in Cejkovice. Ekko, Commander of Cejkovice and Urhineves sold the village of Vodochody to Bishop of Prague for kontur 200 Tallents of silver in 1294.”
1298 Fr. Detřich, Commander, Templestain