Templar residences in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia

Knights Templar had subsequent settlements in possession. Commanderies were established in some of them:

  • CZ_PrahaPrague In the Old Town by the Rotunda of St. Lawrence. Commandery called “Jerusalem” (1231)
    • Subordinate Commandery in Uhříněves, near Prague (1292)
    • Mansion and Church in Stodůlky
    • Residence in Prague became Preceptory for Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia (later even Austria) at the end of 13th century
  • Čejkovice with mansion Šakvice (property acquired in1248, Commandery since 1269)


  • CZ_TemplsteinJamolice-Templštějn with mansions and Churches (around 1250):
    • Bohuslavice, Dobřínsko, Dukovany
    • Horní Dubňany, Petrovice, Popovice
    • Brno (Commandery?)
  • Town of  Vsetín with castle Freundsberg -Klenov (1300)
    • Klenov (castle Freundsberg). In the Castle archives, there is a Chart proving that Freundsberg was rented by Knights Templar to one of the local feudal Lords for 31 years in 1308. The castle itself was built by Knights Templar in 1297.
    • CZ_StramberkŠtramberk, Templar castle, first mentioned in 1220 (According to other sources, Templar Order obtained the castle in 1241 as a reward for participation in the battle of Legnice.) The castle was later owned by local feudal lords, remained partially preserved.
  • Sileian Malá Olešnice (Poland) with villages and mansions some of which are on the territory of contemporary Czech Republic:
    • Kalinowa-Kallen, Brožec-Brosewitz, Jawor-Jaworów
    • Male Jankowice-Jenkwitz, Tempelfeld-Owczany, Frauenhein-Chwalibožice
    • Rosenhein-Godzikowice, Hennensdor-Osiek, Psary-Hünern
    • Bakow-Bankau, Hennansdorf-Kowalów ,Güntersdorf-Czestoczice
    • Commandery was subordinate right to the Centre of Aleman-Slavic Priory in Braunschweig.

Another direction where Moravian Knights Templar acquired possessions was Austria. In question were mainly villages around Vienna that created new financial background for expansion of the Order. Because there was no independent Commandery in Austria, this area was affiliated to Bohemian-Moravian area and Ekko further widen his titles (alongside possessions for the Order) (commendator prouincialis per Bohemiam. Morauiam et Austriam, et fratres domus in Shekwitz ordinis cruciferorom de templo).

Map of Templar settlements in Europe::