Mission of the Order

The Order has been founded by a fraternity of nine French noblemen after a period of preparations which lasted since 1098 in 1103 as a result of the First Crusade to the Holy Land (1096-1099) as “Pauperes commitiones Christi templique Salomonici”. It became a Church Order in 1118. The purpose of the Order had been militant activity aimed at protection of the crowds of pilgrims from Europe travelling to the Holy Land. At that time, the Order was militant and monkish. It grew fast and took part in battles to protect the newly founded Kingdom of Jerusalem against its Muslim neighbours. Subsequently, the Order became one of the greatest and most powerful Christian Knightly Orders of the Middle Ages and soon became a strong economical and political institution. No other Order could compete with its power or quantity. The Order was abolished by the Bulla Vox in excelso based on many fictional accusations in 1312. Nevertheless, it kept operating in Scotland as the Order of St John and the Temple.


Current Autonomous Grand Priory of the Templar Order (M.T.S.) does not follow any acquisitive goal. It keeps the tradition of Templar Knights guardians who are protecting their secrets thousands years old. These secrets pass from one generation to other. Templar Knights are those who know and protect attributes of moral, spiritual and financial value against unbelievers, uninitiated and unauthorised. The order is completely apolitical with no political ambitions. To communicate with each other, the Order uses their own symbols and Templar font.

Its aim is protection and preservation of European cultural riches for generations to come. Protection of our faith and Christian values belong among main goals, as well as Issues concerning maintaining world peace.

Individual projects that help to solve difficult life situations of the needy are carried out on Charitable fields.