Emblem and Motto of the Order

Order’s coat of arms has accompanied Knights Templar since their very beginning. As well as the Order, The Order’s coat of arms has undergone historical development. The Current emblem is bound to the Order’s history and environment where the Order operated for the past 700 years.

The Order’s coat of arms exists in a following form:

Shield is plain; there is an eight-pointed scarlet templar cross in it.  The shield is topped by a Royal crown with five visible arms. There is a chain running on both sides of the shield and is linked below it. Under the shield and a pendulous scarlet cross of the Templar Order, there is a twice folded white ribbon carrying a black inscription „Non nobis Domine non nobis sed Nomini Tuo da gloriam” (Not unto us, O LORD, not unto us, but unto your name give glory.), that is a historical Order’s motto. This emblem is bottomed on a Royal ermine cloak (with stoat tails) wrapped around with a golden cord.

Order uses its original motto which reads:

Not unto us, O LORD, not unto us, but unto your name give glory

Seal of the Order

The seal bears Order’s coat of arms in the middle and an inscription Militi Templi Scotia is written around it. In the case of large Priories, Preceptories and Commanderies, there is a name of country, city and Commander added on the inner side of the inscription. The seal of Grand Prior, Priors, Preceptors and Commanders contains an inscription in the middle saying: Grand Prior, Priory, Preceptory, Commandery, e.g. Bohemia Prague.

Banner of the Order

Order’s banner is composed of white and black strip of cloth over which a large scarlet eight-pointed Templar cross is situated.

Language of the Order

Latin is used as the official language of the Order. Local Commanderies are entitled to keep correspondence and operate in their mother tongues.

Seat of the Order

The main seat of Militi Templi Scotia – The Autonomous Grand Priory of Scotland – in Scotland is situated at Balgonie Castle, By Markinch, Fife KY7 6HQ Scotland. In the Czech Republic, there is a seat of Priory for Continental Europe and Preceptory of St John of Nepomuk at Sacre Coeur church, Holečkova 31, 150 00 Praha 5 – Smíchov.